Kath Tiedermann has been with us for about 9 months and we are already seeing amazing changes in our patients gum health.  If you have bleeding gums, bad breath or mobile teeth you could have gum disease. Smokers are particularly at risk.   Kath thrives on treating difficult cases and offering advice for you to keep your teeth for life.  Gum disease has been linked to multiple systemic illnesses. Lately  heart disease has been linked with periodontal (gum) problems.  Its quite scary that approximately 50% of teeth are lost as a direct result of gum disease.  Kath can set up a maintenance regime that suits you, your teeth and your budget.

Amongst other treatments that Kath provides, she particularly enjoys bleaching teeth. Kath can take impressions and make up take home trays to whiten your teeth for special occasions or just take years of coffee, tea and red wine stains from your teeth.